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Designers Point

We provide a comprehensive approach to home remodeling. Our planning process integrates our goal of maximizing efficiency and functionality without sacrificing beautiful design. We listen carefully to our clients so that we can fully understand their vision for their new space. Furthermore, we create a working budget to keep our clients informed of the financial impact of their choices throughout the duration of the remodel process.

Steps in our Process


Our initial in-showroom consultation is focused on achieving an understanding of the scope of the project and “penciling out” a rough budget estimate. We express this initial estimate as a range from the minimum that we feel will be required to the maximum that we think might be reasonably spent. We use this meeting to share our ideas and discuss possible design alternatives while exploring “likes and dislikes” which will affect the direction the project takes. At this point we may ask for a nominal retainer before we move forward with the project.

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The next step of the process takes place in the client’s home where we begin to develop a more detailed view of the project.  In addition to taking pictures of the space, we take complete and precise field measurements.  We investigate the electrical, mechanical, and structural systems to uncover any constraints which will affect the final design.  We also use this opportunity to share with the client the best way to configure the space to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the home.

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At this point our design work begins in earnest. Utilizing our CAD (Computer Aided Design) system we virtually create the space, exploring various layouts and design options. We explore different material selections to coordinate with the rest of the home and choices the client may have already made for the project. We also establish a “working budget” to track the costs of the project as we proceed.

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At our next meeting, in our showroom, we present our designs using computer renderings to aid in visualizing how all the elements will work together and relate to the rest of the home.  We discuss suggested materials, including cabinet door styles and finishes, countertops, tile, hardware, plumbing, and other elements needed to complete the project.  We also present our initial labor estimates, reviewing all labor items required.  Each step along the way, we update the working budget to reflect the cost of the choices being made.  Because of the amount of detail involved, this phase may take several meetings.

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Once the design is finalized and all product and material selections have been agreed upon, we re-visit the home with our contractor for a final bid meeting. We then make any necessary adjustments and execute a comprehensive contract which covers all materials and labor and specifies the deposit and progress payments required.  Upon receipt of the deposit and execution of the contract, all material orders are placed.

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The construction phase begins when all materials have been received and are available.  Once construction has begun, we ask that our contractors stay on the job until completion.  We visit the jobsite frequently to check progress, answer questions, and work closely with our contractor to resolve any issues that might arise during installation.

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Planning and carrying out a remodel project can be a frustrating and anxiety-ridden experience.  At Designers Point, we are aware of this and strive to provide a clear and transparent process which places you, our client, in full control.  We work very hard so that all you have to do is enjoy the results.

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